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With disarming smiles, biting lyrics, flowery hats, and a gift for inventive, off-the-wall protest, they challenge authorities and stereotypes alike. Their movement, started in Canada 28 years ago, has become international. They are deflating clichés about aging and proving that life can be lived to its fullest, in a meaningful way, to the end. They show up, invited or not, at demonstrations, rallies and political events. They are the Raging Grannies, and they fight for peace, social justice and the environment.

Granny Power is a documentary about this very original activist movement, founded on principles of street theatre, guerilla action, and the use of satire to get their message across.  At the same time it is a window on important issues which concern us all: our role as citizens as we grow older, the challenges of aging, the inevitability of death. Remaining active and finding a voice as elderly women – this in itself makes them exceptional – the Grannies are an inspiration to people of all generations.

Our feature documentary looks at the founding history of the Raging Grannies movement, follows granny actions that have taken place across North America in the past decade, and brings us into the lives of several witty, energetic and committed grannies as they celebrate the 25th anniversary of the movement.  We get to know them, to understand what motivates them, see how broad is the range of the causes they embrace, and how they have indeed found the recipe for « eternal youth ».

Granny Power is entertaining and thought-provoking. It is ‘serious fun’, a documentary about an important, growing and radically under-represented segment of the population, for an audience of all ages.