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Susan Shanks is an acclaimed editor whose experience spans three decades and who has worked with a wide range of notable Canadian filmmakers. Susan began her career at the National Film Board after studying film and history at Queen’s University. Since then, she has edited dozens of films in the Canadian pantheon, both documentary and fiction, among them, the Oscar-nominated Prisoner of Paradise by Malcolm Clarke. She has organized, structured and paced the films of directors such Brian McKenna (including the famed The Valour and the Horror), Thom Fitzgerald (among others the beautiful Hanging Garden) and Josh Freed, and has received multiple Genie nominations for her work. Most poignantly for us, Susan edited one of Magnus’ first films as an independent filmmaker. Power, about resistance to the Great Whale Hydro Project, was possibly the most important film in Magnus’ career inasmuch as it defined what came to be his unique style of “process” filmmaking, ie. following situations over long periods of time.