Granny Power



Unconvention to be held in Montreal June 25-28

The Montreal Raging Grannies have been working hard to put together an interesting and enjoyable Unconvention for a registration cost of less than $250.00, which includes all lunches and dinners. The venue for UnConvention 2014 is the McGill New Residence … read more

March against Monsanto around the world!

WILPF members joined in Marches Against Monsanto, which took place in 436 cities in 52 countries on May 25, 2013. WILPF Raging Grannies led a crowd of 500 protesters in original songs against genetically engineered foods in San Jose, CA. … read more

3 Raging Grannies arrested for protesting in N. Carolina

Three Raging Grannies were among the 27 arrested in front of the N. Carolina Legislature Monday for protesting the Republican-dominated legislature agenda, which include “a bevy of bills that Progressives say target poor North Carolinians, including one that makes it harder for students to have access to pre-K education.” read more
GRANNY POWER is a documentary about a very original activist movement – the Raging Grannies. Spanning 10 years, the film follows several passionate, activist grandmothers and their “gaggles” as they fight for peace, social justice and the environment.

From Occupy Wall Street sites in Canada and the U.S., to demontrations against nuclear arms, the Montebello G-20, arms fairs and protests at military recruitment centres, the film follows several Grannies – Muriel Duckworth, Alma Norman, Molly Klopot and Connie Graves among them – as they undertake surprising political guerrilla actions, challenging authorities and stereotypes alike.

The film spans the present and the past of the Raging Grannies movement: from its beginnings 25 years ago in Victoria, B.C., to its present as an international movement. The film is also a window on important issues that concern us all: our role as citizens as we grow older, the challenges of aging, the inevitability of death. Remaining active and finding a voice as elderly women, these grannies are deflating clichés about aging and proving that life can be lived to its fullest, in every way, to the end.

Director Magnus Isacsson first encountered the Grannies while shooting scenes for films about major political, social and environmental issues. Most of our footage was shot in classical vérité style, by one of Canada's best documentary cinematographers, Martin Duckworth. The mainstay of GRANNY POWER will be the Grannies' entertaining and audacious actions as they take to the streets, or they take to the water, to denounce the arms race, government cutbacks, pollution.

This is a documentary about an important, growing and radically under-represented segment of the population. As citizens become more passionate about expressing political dissatisfaction with the status quo the Raging Grannies are proving to be an inspiration and a a symbol of proud civic engagement for audiences of all ages. The Grannies' commitment to the issues and their sense of humour are always much in evidence. The film will be 'serious fun.'